Oct 8, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Dr says "nation, Muslim any against war support not do We" Mahathir Mahathir Dr Minister Prime Malaysian -- IRNA 8, Oct Lumpur, Kuala against was it that stand government's the reiterated Monday Mohamad .nation Muslim any against war any fighting in effective be not will countries these against War" .Parliament in conference press a at Mahathir said "terrorism, States-led United the by attack night late the said also He Kandahar, in centre command Taliban the and Kabul on Sunday coalition Muslim the on assault an as seen be not should Afghanistan, in both .world believe they what against are They .clear very is stand US The" ".hubs terrorist are 11 Sept the for retaliation in were strikes military The .Pentagon the and Center Trade World the on attacks terrorist violence of outburst an expect not did he that said also Mahathir the following here embassy and nationals US against Malaysians from .strikes military of memoranda submitting people concerned envisaged however, He, .come to days the in embassy US the to protest act will and violence supports who anyone tolerate not will We" ".terrorism backs who anyone or people irresponsible these against Islamic-based Malaysia's the of president the Meanwhile, the said Noor, Fadzil ,(PAS) SeMalaysia Islam Parti opposition, a were but rulers Taliban Afghanistan's against only not were attacks .Muslims on assault direct don't why terrorism, against war a waging really is US the If" Palestinians? the against terrorists are who Israelis, attack it fighting are they terrorism, fighting not are they proves This" ".Muslims are who Taliban the all that saying elaborate, to declined leader opposition The .attacks the condemn to was moment the at do could party his were police saying statement a issued earlier embassy US The areas patrolling and Lumpur Kuala in compound embassy the protecting .foreigners other and Americans of communities with holiday, Day Columbus the for Monday on closed was embassy The the for website embassy's the monitor to urged were citizens US and .information latest protect to continue will they that us assured have They" a in said embassy the "Malaysia, in else everyone and Americans .statement at threat specific no of aware" was States United the said It ".public or private Malaysia, in interests American against time this bn/RR End