Oct 8, 2001, 12:01 AM
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daily :ties Iran-Switzerland for ahead prospects Bright of visit official two-day concluded just The -- IRNA 8, Oct Tehran, economic of minister the Couchepin, Pascal Councillor, Federal Iranian his of invitation the at made Switzerland, of affairs two the of importance the underlines Mazaheri, Tahmasb counterpart .ties economic their including relations bilateral growing countries' .Monday on Times' `Tehran daily English-language the praised excellent enjoyed have Switzerland and Iran both that prove To 2000, year the in Switzerland, that revealed paper the ties, trade Francs Swiss million 180 of value total a to Iran from goods imported foodstuff and textiles products, energy mainly ,(11omillion dlrs) ".pistachios and caviar like 393" at valued Iran to goods exported Switzerland exchange, In and machinery especially ,(million 250 dlrs) Francs Swiss million it "products, pharmaceutical and chemicals as well as appliances .added that confirm year current the of months seven first the now, And to exports Iranian" as expand to continued have ties bilateral 31 by Iran to exports Swiss and percent 25 by grown have Switzerland .added further it "percent, of areas numerous are still there believed, paper the However, .countries two the between explored be to cooperation and promotion the on agreement bilateral the" Fortunately, and 1998 in signed was which investments, of protection reciprocal cornerstone the lay surely, will sides, both by ratified recently and Tehran between cooperation economic of expansion further the for .added it "2001, 1, November on effect into enters it when Berne their expressed long have companies foreign that indicates This .country this in projects development different in invest to desire and rules clear-cut of lack" regretted, daily the However, this in hindrance a became often investment foreign on regulations ".regard Switzerland and Iran between agreement investment bilateral The to countries two the of officials the of determination the indicates nations, two their of benefit the for cooperation their expand .daily the lauded ever countries, two the between relations of history Indeed, fact the to witness bears Revolution Islamic the of victory since the towards attitude friendly a had always has Switzerland that certain of propaganda poisonous by unaffected Republic, Islamic .daily the continued Iran, against countries Swiss the of stance independent and realistic this is it And ties friendly promoting in role crucial a played has which government .daily the praised governments, its and nations two the between their expand further to wish countries both if However, they that suggested daily the then fields, other in cooperation of exports and imports to cooperation their limit just not should .commodities recently agreement bilateral the considering" words, other In cooperation of areas fresh explore should countries two the ratified, especially country, this of parts different in projects development in .paper the advised "areas, underprivileged the in skilled Iran's of use make could Switzerland that suggested It its implement to of, proud is country the which for manpower, projects development a lacks mostly country the that regretted daily the However, .investment rational and technology cutting-edge capital the providing and projects development in participating By can Switzerland agreements, venture joint through technology and .concluded it come, to years the in Iran for partner strong a become FH/RR End