Oct 8, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA Tehran major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 8, Oct Tehran, :Monday on dailies NEWS IRAN -- "Afghanistan on attacks launches .S.U" against attacks air launched evening Monday States United The York New on attacks 11 September the for retaliation in Afghanistan .announced Bush .W George President Washington, and INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "Khatami - forms all in terrorism condemns Tehran" and serious a stressed Sunday on Khatami Mohammad President by "terrorism of phenomenon dangerous" the against campaign all-out .countries and people justice-seeking and freedom all TIMES TEHRAN -- "region destabilize forces .S.U" four killed Saturday on Arabia, Saudi Al-Khobar, in explosion An was attack The .citizens British and American two including people, claimed have which years five past the over city the in second the .citizens European and American of lives the TOSE'EH -- "bail on out councilor City" Asgharzadeh, Ehrahim Council, City Tehran the of member leading A case the in bail 100-million-rial a posting after released been has .court Tehran a with him against filed YAZD AFTAB-E -- "today trial stand to directors Four" April after suspended newspapers, four of directors managing The Tehran the of 1410 Branch in Wednesday on trial on go to are 2000, .Court Public ENTEKHAB -- "Iran in invest to invited companies Swiss" invited Sunday on Jahangiri Es'haq Mines and Industry of Minister Swiss visiting with meeting a At .Iran in invest to companies Swiss Swiss of delegation a and Couchepin Pascal Minister Economy resources energy vast Iran's that said Jahangiri industrialists, technological Swiss with along and, investment for field rich a be can .trade bilateral closer for stone stepping a be can know-how, AFARINESH -- "unacceptable attacks .S.U says Iran" has Ministry Foreign Iranian the concerns, deep Raising Afghanistan, against attacks military .S.U the to reacted immediately ".unacceptable" are "attacks .S.U vast" the saying QODS -- "Wednesday trial on go to prostitutes of killer Serial" in prostitutes 18 some of killer serial self-confessed The trial stand to scheduled is Hanaie, Saeed Mashhad, of city holy the .Wednesday on ESLAMI JOMHOURI-E -- "refugees Afghan for camps seven up sets Iran" that Sunday statement a in said Society Crescent Red Iranian The .S.U the fleeing refugees Afghan for up set been have camps eight .border eastern the along strikes air AK/LS/HM End