Oct 8, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Iran northeastern rocks Quake 2.5 measuring earthquake An -- IRNA 8, Oct ,.Prov Khorassan Birjand, the along regions rattled scale Richter open-ended the on degrees .Monday early province northeastern this in Afghanistan with border border Gazik rocked (GMT 0117) 47:04 at occured which quake The any cause not did It .Khorassan of parts southern in located region forced and residents the among panic sparked it but, casualties, .outside stay and homes their leave to them have and streets the in cold freezing the braved have They" that adding said, official local a "homes, their to return to declined .destroyed been have areas residential vulnerable four with world, the in countries quake-prone most the of one is Iran .occurrence daily almost an tremors mild AK/HM End