Oct 8, 2001, 12:01 AM
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newspapers Pakistani Monday's in Headlines major in appeared headlines following The -- IRNA 8, Oct Islamaban, :8 October on dailies Pakistani Dawn begun has attack The * situation discuss commanders Pak * Bush :price a pay will Taliban * Zaeef says acts,' `terrorist Strikes * arrest house under Haq Samiul Fazl, Maulana * Osama :peace no have will US * Afghanistan to aid sends Russia * Qureshi says confidence, into taken was Pakistan * News The Afghanistan attack allies US, * America 'infidel' for peace no vows Osama * attack criticize Iraq Iran, * named chief ISI new army, in shake-up Major * Shah Zahir like not does Pakistan * week next Pakistan India, visit to Powell * border Uzbek on troops 8,000 deploy Taliban * attacks after Iran Pakistan, reward to ready EU * Nation The Afghanistan on attack launches US * yet severed not Taliban with Ties * Taliban :Afghans on binding Jihad * airspace Pak using Warplanes * Musharraf says borders, defending of capable Pakistan * persists crisis if revised be to likely targets economic Pak * Post Frontier The Musharraf :situation emerging face to united ready, Nation * Jalalabad and Kandahar Kabul, hit missiles US * 6pm at closed airspace Pak * struggle guerilla for brace Taliban * attacks US over shocked Shah Zahir * Observer Pakistan attack under Afghanistan * US on attacks praises Laden Bin * `unacceptable' strikes US says Iran * airspace Pak use Allies * Bush says ground, neutral no broader, is Battle * MA/MMZ/LS End