Oct 8, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Taliban :implemented stands Jihad for decree Ulema has Omar Muhammad Mulla leader Taliban -- IRNA 8, Oct Islamabad, States United the against Jihad on decree council's Ulema implemented of people the on binding is Jihad saying allies, Western its and .Muslims whole the and Afghanistan Jihad that decided had meeting month last its in council ulema The Sharia Islamic under Muslims other and Afghans on obligatory be will news NNI the reports Afghanistan, attacked States United the if .agency after endorsed had he which Fatwa, the implemented has Omar Mulla" the on said diplomat Taliban a "Kabul, in Council Ulema the announced .anonymity on condition :Fatwa the from excerpts are Following (decree) fatwa the then Afghanistan, attacks States United the If .1" .sharia Islamic the under applicable be will commits non-Muslim if that say jurisprudence of books the All .2 then Muslims, against attack launches or land Muslim on aggression Hadith Quran, .country that of Muslims the for order an be will Jihad in Jihad wage to Muslims upon call books jurisprudence the all and .circumstances such and Hadith Quran, Holy the from verses several quotes fatwa The .3 is Jihad that substantiate to jurisprudence Islamic from illustrations .attacked is country Muslim a when non-Muslim the against obligatory seek can Muslims the land, Muslim attack non-Muslim the If .4 Islamic the but governments non-Muslim and Muslim the from assistance Islamic our in written been has as supreme remain should principle ".book jurisprudence AK/AK End