Oct 7, 2001, 12:01 AM
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airspace use to US permits Cyprus military US to permission granted has Cyprus -- IRNA 7, Oct Athens, US, the to rights landing given has and space air its use to aircraft reported CNA agency news Cyprus Washington, by request a following .night Sunday operation military this of result a as that hope to like would We" the that hope also We .uprooted be will terrorism harbors that place a "regime, Taliban inhuman the from freed be will Afghanistan of people .Nicosia in CNA told Papapetrou Michalis spokesman government Cyprus to address his in remarks, Bush's President welcomed spokesman The targeting not is offensive the that Sunday, people American the Tabilan's destroy to order in targets military specific but civilians .capabilities military 11 of attacks terrorist the condemned Cyprus of government The fighting countries of coalition the with itself aligned and September .CNA noted terrorism, far, so affected been not has Cyprus in traffic air Meanwhile, in underway currently offensive US-led the of start the following Neofytou Averof Minister Works and Communications Cyprus Afghanistan, .CNA told is aviation civil as far as smoothly running is Everything" "stage, this at report to specific nothing is There .far so concerned, are services other and facilities airport that adding said, Neofytou .normal as operating .postponed been have flights no far so said minister The KA/NK/AK End