Oct 7, 2001, 12:01 AM
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agreement investment and trade sign Switzerland and Iran of memorandum a signed Switzerland and Iran -- IRNA 7, Oct Tehran, to sides two the for calls MOU The .Sunday here (MOU) understanding .commission cooperation joint a up set Pascal Minister Economy Swiss the by trip the called MOU The to countries two the of resole the of indicative as Couchepin terror recent the after specially" issues, international on cooperate Islam between dialogue for forth put proposal and .S.U the in attacks ".Europe and expressed Mazaheri Tahmasb counterpart Iranian his and Couchepin promoting and supporting on agreement the signing of satisfaction .investments joint on protocol a finalizing on agreed have they that said also They and countries two the between taxation double of elimination slated and signed previously agreement venture joint a reaffirmed .2001 1, November beginning effect take to the supplying in support its announced has government Swiss The .WTO the to ascension Iran's regarding assistance technical needed in cooperate to Switzerland and Iran for calls also agreement The production cement processing, food agriculture, :areas following the financial manufacturing, watch and machinery textile mining, and meteorology, and traffic transportation, insurance, and services .security dam and railroads as well as environment, energy, water, 6-7 October from Tehran to visit official an on here is Couchepin the of representatives of delegation high-ranking a of head the at .sector private Swiss Among .relations economic excellent enjoy Switzerland and Iran after 3rd ranks Iran East, Middle the in partners commercial Swiss .Emirates Arab United the and Arabia Saudi at valued goods Iran from imported Switzerland 2000, year the In energy mainly ,(dollars million 110 around) million 180 Francs Swiss exported and (pistachios and caviar) foodstuff and textiles products, million 250 around) Francs Swiss million 393 worth goods Iran to and chemical as well as appliances, and machinery especially ,(dollars .products pharmaceutical and percent 25 by grown have Switzerland to exports Iranian .percent 31 by Iran to exports Swiss doing for conditions enhanced enjoy to expect companies Swiss the of improvement the to due particular in Iran, in business .framework legal bilateral bilateral the of ratification Swiss the visit, the During investments, of protection reciprocal and promotion on agreement the to notified be will Iran, by recently approved and 1998 in signed November on force into enter will agreement The .authorities Iranian .2001 1, NB/AK End