Oct 7, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Afghanistan on attack launches .S.U (quotes Bush's add to REPETITION) on attack an launched States United The -- IRNA 7, Oct Islamabad, the for retaliation in Sunday on Taliban ruling its and Afghanistan Taliban Washington, and York New on strikes terrorist 11 September .confirmed Pakistan in sources strikes begun has military States United the orders, my On" installations military and camps training terrorist al-Qaeda against said Bush .W George President "Afghanistan, in regime Taliban the of .address televised a in use the disrupt to designed are actions targeted carefully These" the attack to and operations of base terrorist a as Afghanistan of that reiterating said, he "regime, Taliban the of capability military ".world the of will collective the by supported are We" which, demands his meet to refused had leaders Taliban said Bush leaders over Hand .camps training terrorist Close" included, said, he including nationals, foreign all return and network, al-Qaeda the of ".country our in detained unjustly citizens American a pay will Taliban the now, And .met were demands these of None" .president the said "price, aid who those of enemy an is America of States United The" religion great a profane who criminals barbaric the of and terrorists military This" adding, said, Bush "name, its in murder committing by a in front another terrorism, against campaign our of part a is action the intelligence, diplomacy, through joined been already has that war by terrorists known of arrests the and assets financial of freezing ".countries 38 in agents enforcement law Taliban the that demands of weeks several follows action .S.U The for responsible hold officials .S.U whom Laden, bin Osama over hand .demands those refused have Taliban The .attacks the the of guest a as Afghanistan in living been has Laden Bin in power seized they since Afghanistan, of most rules at th Taliban, .1996 a be will there" warned Bush President ,(5 October) Saturday On .terrorism support that nations for "price heavy the all surrender to opportunity the given been has Taliban The" and camps their down close to and Afghanistan in terrorists "out, running is time and given, been has warning Full .operations .said had Bush to troops and aircraft warships, moving began States United The .S.U time, same the At .attacks the after weeks the in Asia southwest support to nations of coalition broad a assemble to worked diplomats NATO its including terrorism, against campaign international an Egypt Jordan, as such states Arab moderate and Japan Russia, allies, .Arabia Saudi and its of results the sharing began administration Bush The including allies, key with attack 11 September the into investigation .2 October on Pakistan, and countries NATO the so terrorism against war our in front another beginning are We" Fleischer Ari spokesman House White "fear, over prevail can m freedo .said in fire anti-aircraft and explosions loud of reports were There stronghold main the Kandahar, of city the and Kabul capital Afghan the .Taliban ruling the of to offers Taleban rejected repeatedly has administration US The Bin Osama militant Saudi-born guest, its of fate the over bargain .Laden and nature the given" :statement televised his in said also Bush patient the by conflict this win will we enemies, our of reach with challenges of series a meeting by successes, of accumulation ".purpose and will and determination Every .broader is battle the but Afghanistan, on focus we Today" neutral no is there conflict, this In .make to choice a has nation of killers and outlaws the sponsors government any If .ground And .themselves murderers and outlaws become have they innocents, ".peril own their at path lonely that take will they -- strengths our of one be will patience our ahead, months the In" security, tighter from result will that waits long the with patience our achieve to time take will it that understanding and patience ".come may that sacrifices the all in patience goals, every military, our in women and men the all To" :said Bush every Guardsman, Coast every airman, every soldier, every sailor, .clear are objectives The .defined is mission Your :this say I Marine, have will you and confidence, full my have You .just is goal Your ".duty your out carry to need you tool every we waiver, not will We .fronts many on joined now is battle The" and Peace .fail not will we and falter, not will we tire, not will .concluded Bush "prevail, will freedom AK/AK End