Oct 7, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Iran in invest to invited companies Swiss Jahangir Eshhaq Mines and Industry of Minister -- IRNA 7, OCt Tehran, .Iran in invest to companies Swiss invited Sunday here a and Couchepin Pascal Minister Economy Swiss visitng the Meeting offers Iran said Jahangiri industrailist, Swiss of delegation technological Swiss with that adding resources, energy attractive closer for stone stepping a be could advnatages these know-how .trade bilateral March) Plan Development Five-Year Third the in that added He sector private more on focused efforts Iran's (2005 2000-March .capablities domestic of use maximum with investment base industrial the upgrading for need the to referred Jahangiri that adding priority, first the as sector textile with country the of .sector the to machinery supplying in effective be can companies Swiss biotechnology and microelectronic in cooperation that said He of lists ministry's the on priorities other among are industries .sector industrial Iran's strengthening of aim an with projects cordial had have companies Swiss far, so said official Swiss The in ''hopefuly, and sector mining and industrial Iranian with ties cement further to cooperation of ways new find will we trip this ".ties mutual improving in effective be will investments that believe also We" .said he "countries, two the between trade of balance the providing and fees reducing for called also official Swiss The .Iran to staff training of dispatch for facilities more 6-7 October from Tehran to visit official an on here is Couchepin the of representatives of delegation high-ranking a of head the at .sector private Swiss Mazaheri Tahmasb counterpart Iranian his of guest the is Couchepin .Shariatmadari Mohammad Commerce of Minister with meet also will and Among .relations economic excellent enjoy Switzerland and Iran after 3rd ranks Iran East, Middle the in partners commercial Swiss .Emirates Arab United the and Arabia Saudi at valued goods Iran from imported Switzerland 2000, year the In mainly ,(dollars million 110 around) million 180 francs Swiss and (pistachios and caviar) foodstuff and textiles products, energy 250 around) francs Swiss million 393 worth goods Iran to exported as well as appliances, and machinery especially ,(dollars million .products pharmaceutical and chemical and percent 25 by grown have Switzerland to exports Iranian .percent 31 by Iran to exports Swiss doing for conditions enhanced enjoy to expect companies Swiss the of improvement the to due particular in Iran, in business .framework legal bilateral bilateral the of ratification Swiss the visit, the During investments, of protection reciprocal and promotion on agreement the to notified be will Iran, by recently approved and 1998 in signed November on force into enter will agreement The .authorities Iranian .2001 1, NB/RR End