Oct 7, 2001, 12:01 AM
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official :tourism discourages publicity Negative Tourism and Travel Iran of Head Deputy -- IRNA 7, Oct Ilam, Masouleh Tal'e Morteza Affairs International for (ITTO) Organization discouraged has Iran on publicity negative that Sunday here said .Iran to coming from tourists percent 60 than more that added he seminar, tourism a at Speaking have percent 90 but concerns, had country the entering tourists of .Iran leaving when satisfied been being as Iran in security named have percent 85 that added He other on here are they that said have percent 75 over and ''ideal'' .encouragement tourists' Iran, in tourism promoting with charged is ITTO that said also He the among is provinces in festivals up setting that adding such 15 far so that said He .tourism promote to plans organization's .held been have festivals that said Mo'ezzoddin Mohammad ITTO of Head Saturday, on Earlier expand to needed is investment annual of billion 100 rls than more .Iran in tourism measures investment, of amount the meet to that said Mo'ezzoddin .financing foreign raise and bonds sell to adopted be should of potential the has tourism from gained revenue the said He out find to failing for planners blamed He .income oil the equaling .centers touristic other and Isfahan of city the of advantage the monuments Persepolis, to belonging pieces many said official The in museums at kept are cites historical other to as well as Isfahan in country the of out smuggled been had they said He .Europe and US the .afterwards or regime former during either under tourism of expansion for plan a to referred Mo'ezzoddin distinct on based regions seven into divided been has Iran which in implemented tentatively being is plan the said He .categories .Hamedan NB/RR End