Oct 7, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Castle Falak-ol-Aflak Khorramabad's visit tourists More Cultural Lorestan of Head -- IRNA 7, Oct ,.prov Lorestan Khorramabad, beginning the since that here said Sajjadi, Ali department, Heritage have tourists 165,000 over ,(21 March) year Iranian current the of .Khorramabad in Castle Falak-ol-Aflak historical the visited Europe, from come visitors of number large A" IRNA, told Sajjadi .France and Italy particularly Zagros and Civilization International the to referred He Castle Falak-ol-Aflak at held Festival Attractions' Natural-Historical as well as monument this introducing in significant as summer this the to province Lorestan of attractions natural-historical other .world hill a on located Castle, Falak-ol-Aflak square-meter 5,300 The to back dating monuments historical among is Khorramabad, overlooking .era Sassanid and `Civilization entitled festival week-long The was and 11 July on opened Zagros', of Attractions Historical-Natural journalists, local and foreign diplomats, guests, foreign by attended at Organization Tourism and Travel Iran from official senior some and Khorramabad of Castle Falak-ol-Aflak breath-taking and historical the .province Lorestan in the of officials and experts attracted Festival Zagros The from Organization Heritage Cultural the of branches provincial Chahar Ahmad, Kohkiluyeh-Boyer Kurdestan, Ilam, Kermanshah, Hamedan, .provinces Isfahan and Markazi Khuzestan, Ilam, Fars, Mahal-Bakhtiari, the took camps sightseeing three festival, the with Concurrent Borujerd of attractions touristic and monuments historical to visitors .Aligudarz in Falls Ab-Sefid as such Khorramabad and in Lake Gohar including attractions touristic Lorestan of Some unknown, remained largely but beauty immense its for known Doroud, .Festival Zagros at introduced also were MP/AH End