Oct 7, 2001, 12:01 AM
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trial on go to weeklies 4 of editors Managing `Harim', weeklies of editors Managing -- IRNA 7, Oct Tehran, at publicly trial stand are `Ashura' and `Milad' Kaboud', `Gonbad-e in 8, October Monday, on Court Public Tehran's of 1410 Bench the .jury of presence the Justice Province's Tehran at Department Relations Public `Harim' weekly of editor managing the Akhtari Hassan said Department elections, presidential ridiculing of charges on tried be will on Kaboud' `Gonbad-e weekly of editor managing the Safizadeh, Mohammad the Hosseinifar Gholam-Reza pictures, unethical publishing of charges scandalous printing of charges on `Milad' weekly of editor managing weekly of editor managing Shahidi Majid and headlines false and public divert to materials untrue publishing of charges on `Ashura' .opinion the by lodged complaint a on based tried be will editors The .General Prosecutor Public the and Board Supervisory Press BG/RR End