Oct 7, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Fiaz Mohammad :move positive a SNUC of approval Wahdat Hizbi decision- the of member a Fiaz, Mohammad -- IRNA 7, Oct Tehran, the praised ,(IUP) Party Unity Islamic Afghan the of body making it that adding ,(SNUC) Council Unity National Supreme the of creation Hizbi the of head the Khalili, Karim of approval of stamp the has .move "positive" a creation the called who Wahdat a was it since SNUC the welcomed Wahdat Hizbi the said He and sects all of members include must council The" .group broad-based domineering the as fate same the meet will it otherwise factions the by conducted interview an during said Fiaz "factions, .Sunday on published News' `Iran daily English-language formation the preceding negotiations the in that said further He week last Rome in Afghanistan of king former the with council the of Fifty .members 120 include should council the that agreed was it 50 another while Alliance Northern the from selected be to are members session emergency an in set guidelines to according nominated be will appointed be to are members 20 remaining The .Jirga Loya the by held .commission joint a by agreement the soil, Afghan on convened has council the Once" Loya the of sessions supervise and designate must it that provides .added he "Jirga, meet could it Afghanistan, in convene cannot council the If supervise and appoint to be will task main its but country the outside power the have then will body This .Jirga Loya a of formation the national a with army an create and government interim an install to .said he force, said, Fiaz council, the in active be will Alliance Northern The determined be will resistance the in role future its that adding .commanders military the and authorities the by of speak Khost and Tak-Tika Tak-Tia, from reports Reliable .informed he Taliban, the to resistance and opposition widespread for support their voiced have regions those in population The .said he Shah, Zahir Mohammad and council the the that noted he Bamyan, and Hazarejat in people the for As invaders Taliban the welcomed never province former the in public not would Sharif Mazar-i on hold their that predicted had and .survive in unpredictable were developments military that said Fiaz north the in people with conditions current under Afghanistan the to defecting leaders its of some and Taliban the with dissatisfied .Alliance Northern the and management good with that believes said, he alliance, The military successful launch to able be would it people the of support .said Fiaz Taliban, the against operations the joining were Taliban the of commanders military the of Some" these if" that adding noted, he "groups, new creating or opposition their reached has Taliban the that convinced are commanders (Taliban) ".defection their hasten will they end by held territories to retreat to is them for alternative Another .said he solution, a out work gradually and Alliance Northern the able be will alliance the whether on depend will much" However, "operations, military manage as well as events political control to .Fiaz said aides, his and king Afghan former the with negotiations the In a create to intention no have they that stressed representatives even not would he that adding Fiaz, noted Afghanistan, in monarch .backing political to resort objective predominant the is Jorga Loya the that believe They the by respected and importance paramount of are decisions its since .said he nation, Afghan entire and poverty war, of enough had has Afghanistan of people The .stressed he problems, their solve to anxious are and destitution "positive" as evaluated been has Shah Zaher of return possible The .said he majority, the by welcomed is and have Alliance Northern the and party his that declared Fiaz .authorities Pakistani the with far so contact no had the with parleys into entering Alliance Northern the Regarding if that clear it made has alliance the that said he Britain, and .S.U negotiate must they Afghanistan in terrorism fight to wishes West the to order in Rabbani Burhanuddin of Government Islamic the with .catastrophe a prevent and casualties future forestall negotiations formal any of unaware was he added, he However, .Britain and .S.U the with of head the Hekmatyar, Gulbuddin of return possible the Regarding his on depend will Much" :said he Afghanistan, of Party Islamic the ".goals future and attitude the is Afghanistan of problems major the of one that said Fiaz .drugs in traffic lucrative the and business narcotics could Iran that said he Afghanistan, on attacks future Regarding .Iran with lies decision ultimate the although role major a play the is it said he problem, refugee Afghan the for As organizations aid and community international the of responsibility Iran as such regions neighboring support and refugees the assist to these said, he Otherwise, .them sheltering are that Pakistan and .situation the with deal to able be not will nations FH/LS End