Oct 7, 2001, 12:01 AM
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border by operated cooperative through exports in rise 5-fold dwellers border a of Director Managing -- IRNA 7, Oct Prov, Khouzestan Abadan, said Afkhami, Hassan Abadan, of part central the in cooperative year the of months six first the over company his by exports period same the of that to compared five-fold rose (21 March started) .before year the goods, of kgs 16,841,119 of total a that IRNA told Afkhami during cooperative the by exported were million, 162.7 dlrs at valued 3,638,053 just was year last figure the that adding period, said the .kg fish, stones, decorative mainly were exported goods the said He .fruits and textiles watermelons, imported cooperative the period, same the during that added He house oil, liquid foodstuff, mainly goods, worth 7,230,283 dlrs .sugar and blankets fabrics, appliances, BG/LS End