Oct 7, 2001, 12:01 AM
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months 6 1st in goods of tons 259,339 handles port Khorramshahr goods of tons 260,000 Some -- IRNA 7, Oct ,.Prov Khouzestan Abadan, Khorramshahr and Port Khorramshahr at offloaded or loaded either were (21 March started) year the of half first the in Zone Economic Special .Saturday on here official an said , Port Khorramshahr at Department Relations Public the of Head goods the that IRNA told Farhanianzadeh Saeed Zone Economic Special liquid stone, dimensional cement, powder, stone gypsum, included fabrics, rubber, powder, coconut appliances, house detergents, .rice and parts, spare in observed been had decrease percent 25 said Farhanianzadeh .zone the in unloaded and loaded goods of volume port Khorramshahr left or arrived vessels and ships 613 said He .year the of months six first the in percent four showed period the in trafficking ship that added He year the period same the in figure same the to compared decrease .before the of Number .region the passed lorries 15,803 said official The year this months six first the in region the in trafficking lorries previous the figure yearly half the to compared hike percent 17 showed .year passenger 212 months six first the in that said Farhanianzadeh .port Khorramshahr through passengers 33,850 displaced vessels BG/HM End