Oct 7, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA Tehran major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 7, Oct Tehran, :Sunday on dailies NEWS IRAN -- their in feminism avoid to women Iranian advises Leader" "campaign Ali Seyed Ayatollah Revolution Islamic the of Leader Supreme sexism and feminism avoid to women Iranian asked Saturday Khamenei .rights female greater for campaign their in INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "members non-OPEC on slide price oil blames Khatami" on prices crude slumping blamed Khatami Mohammad President Iranian .producers oil non-OPEC by production in increase the TIMES TEHRAN -- "War? Cold new a for excuse or terrorism on War" former the visited who Rumsfeld, Donald Secretary Defense .S.U similarities saw he said Friday, on Uzbekistan of republic Soviet a ended that War Cold the and terrorism against battle the between .ago decade IRAN -- "Afghanistan on attack .S.U a doubting for reasons Six" ,.S.U the in attacks 11 September the since month a Nearly Osama against "Freedom, Enduring" dubbed operations, war America's world the While .making the in still are Taliban the and Laden bin any whether ponders opinion public world attack, to America for waits .government Taliban the toppling in succeed would attack such YAZD AFTAB-E -- "plane American an attack Taliban" reconnaissance .S.U a targeted they claimed have Taliban The .it hit to failed but Saturday on plane ENTEKHAB -- "month one in minister interior for accident aerial Second" second a had Mousavi-Lari Abdolvahed Minister Interior Iran's second his recently, accident aerial an from death with brush narrow .month a with NOROUZ -- "events of coverage censor to TV Al-Jazeera asks .S.U" on pressure put to government Qatari the on demand '.S.U The recent of coverage its of some censor to channel TV Al-Jazeera the mass world the in reactions mixed triggered has developments world .issues international and Arab of analysts among as well as media ABRAR -- "return will I :Shah Zaher" the invaded has who monarch, erstwhile Afghanistan's Shah, Zaher he that said has ,.S.U the in bombings recent the after limelight .soon country his to return will NO HAYAT-E -- "released Kazemian Morteza Journalist" Khordad suspended the of editor political Kazemian, Morteza so-called other with along arrested being before dailies Fat'h and from released been has February, in dissidents national-religious .bail 50-million-rial a posting after jail MELLAT -- and of thought well is attacks terrorist .S.U on stance Iran's" "smart Iran's described Saturday on Younesi Ali Minister Information smart of, thought well as America in incidents recent the on stance .wise and JAM JAM-E -- "Laden Bin over hand not will I :Omar Mulla" group's militia Taliban the cited Bureau News Central Iranian The over hand not would they that saying as Omar, Mohammad Mulla chief, month's last in suspect chief the Laden, bin Osama dissident Saudi .S.U the on attacks ROUZ SIASAT-E -- "Israel another of establishment pursuing America" the told has Hekmatyar Gulbuddin minister prime Afghan Former Israel another establish to seeking is .S.U the daily an-Annahar .Afghanistan in QODS -- "officials Vatican Italian, with meets FM deputy Iran's" Ali Affairs Euro-American for Minister Foreign Deputy Iranian See's Holy the with Friday on City Vatican the in talks held Ahani followers between cooperation on Sandri Leonardo Minister Prime Deputy .Christianity and Islam of TOSS'E -- "demand hypocrites' rejects Washington" announced has Boucher Richard Spokesman Department State .S.U the to) group opposition an by demand a rejected has office his that department's the from removed it have to (Iran of Republic Islamic .organizations terrorist of list EDALAT SEDAY-E -- "today Tehran in due PM Lebanese" Tehran in arrive to due is Hariri Rafiq Minister Prime Lebanese the with talks holding of purpose the for visit one-day a for Sunday .world the in events recent on officials Republic's Islamic ESLAMI JOMHOURI-E -- "insecurity to key drugs unemployment, corruption, Poverty," poverty, that Saturday said Karroubi Mehdi Speaker Majlis growth population unchecked the and drugs unemployment, corruption, .society Iranian in insecurity of causes root the among are RESALAT -- "creator his meets veteran war chemically-injured A" Iraqi-imposed 1980-1988 the of veteran war a Towhidi, Jafar of years after away passed injuries, chemical survived who war .suffering BH/LS End