Oct 7, 2001, 12:01 AM
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al-Khalil in civilians attack occupiers Zionist of bombardment artillery Israeli -- IRNA 7, Oct Al-Khalil, another killed has al-Khalil in neighborhoods several others, three injured and Saturday civilian Palestinian .said town beleaguered this in sources hospital seriously, one was 23, Qawasmeh, al Salem Hamza said sources The hilltops on deployed tanks occupation Israeli when killed Sheikh al Harat the bombarded center city overlooking heavy and artillery using evening, Saturday neighborhood .machineguns Jamal, al Amjad as identified boy a Palestinian, second A soldiers Zionist trigger-happy when injured seriously was for youngsters and children of group a on fire opened ".curfew violating" of thousands after day a only comes killing fresh The civilian several unprotected overrun and attacked troops Israeli a be to amounted what in resulting al-Khalil, in neighborhoods Israeli indiscriminate by civilians Palestinian six of massacre .shelling houses Arab several demolished also forces apartheid The occupation Israeli the buildings other fifteen over took and .pads firing as rooftops their use would it said army al-Khalil, of most of army Israeli the by "re-occupation" The the that fact the illustrates 1996, in left symbolically only it which Strip Gaza the and Bank West the occupy to continues regime Zionist arrangement cosmetic a than more no were Accords Oslo the that and .occupation military sinister continuous a concealing thinly KA/NK/JB End