Oct 6, 2001, 12:01 AM
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refugees Afghan to aid humanitarian deliver help to Iran the of General Governor -- IRNA 6, Oct .prov Khorasan Mashhad, Iran's that Saturday on said Mehralizadeh Mohsen province Khorasan .closed are Afghanistan with orders kilometer 725 the protecting vigilantly are guards border Iranian the said He .areas border the in security the guaranteeing and borders national the of flood the prevent to closed were borders the said He .territory Iranian the into entering from refugees Afghan find refugees Afghans the help would Iran said official The that adding Iran with border the near areas Afghan the in shelter inside borders eastern Iran's along up set been have camps eight their flee may who refugees Afghan possible house to territory Afghan .Afghanistan on attack .S.U a of anticipation in country been already have materials needed other and tents said He .region this in shelter seeking refugees Afghan the for prepared international the urging been has Iran said Mehralizadeh while refugees Afghan the to aid humanitarian provide to community Afghan the for provided aid humanitarian the of parts that adding .delivery for Mashhad to transported been have people its shipped Saturday (UNHCR) Refugees for Commissioner High UN The of province north-eastern Iran's to consignment relief second said Odashima Toshiro Mashhad at office UNHCR of Head The .Khorasan the by donated been had which tents 900 some included consignment the possible house to Development International of Department UK's .attacks .S.U expected the of fear in Afghanistan fleeing refugees department same the from package aid relief UNHCR first The tents 400 some included also It .3 October on province the in arrived tents The .winter for designed especially and plastic thick of made .people eight to five accommodate can each 160 dlrs valued total the put has Development International of Department UK's .560,000 dlrs at consignments two the of value to consignment relief humanitarian a shipped earlier had UNHCR The loaded lorries 10 including 25 September on province Khorasan Iran's consignment aid relief The .coverings floor and blankets tents, with Khaf, Taibad, Jam, Torbat of cities provincial the to sent been had refugees Afghan of number highest where Nahbandan and Birjand Qa'en, .18-21 September from accommodated, been have refugees, Afghan 400,000 about hosting now is Province Khorasan .permits residence lack whom of half than more HB/JB End