Oct 6, 2001, 12:01 AM
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landing emergency makes plane Minister's Interior (5 and 2 paras correct to REPETITION) Abdolvahed Minister Interior carrying plane The -- IRNA 6, Oct Zanjan, an make to forced was him accompanying delegation the and Lari Mousavi .failure technical to due Saturday on landing emergency of general governor new introduce to here travelled Lari Mousavi .Zanjan the that IRNA told Lari accompanying delegation the of member A off taking after immediately defect technical encountered had plane .airport the to return to forced was and airport Zanjan from Zanjan at source informed an by confirmed been also has news The .office general governor's northwest the in located is 1,100,000 of population a with Zanjan .country the of survived had delegation his and Lari Mousavi 29, August on Earlier .Province Charmahal-Bakhtiari Kord, Shahr-e in crash helicopter a governorate two inaugurate to province the in was Lari Mousavi .offices helicopter the office, governorate the of inauguration the After fault technical encountered had traveling, was minister the which in .off take after immediately passenger or member crew no that said had official provincial A .incident the in hurt was Shahr-e for region the leave to had entourage his and minister The .overland capital, provincial the Kord, BG/AH/NA/JB End