Oct 6, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Kish in opened be to banks foreign of offices Branch Hossein Zone, Free Kish of Director-General -- IRNA 6, Oct Tehran, open to taken measures following that Saturday on announced Qassemi Zone Free Kish in Bank, Deutsche as such banks, foreign of branches next of as activity their start to expected are banks these ,(KFZ) .month private two from received applications that reporters told Qassemi the to forwarded been have KFZ in branches opening for banks French be soon will assessment their of outcome the and Iran, of Bank Central .released to intends (KFZO) Organization Zone Free Kish that noted He maintenance present and Center Exchange Oil-Stock an to KFZ convert leading Some .island Kish in region Assalouyeh at rigs oil to services in offices established have TotalElfFina Shell, as such companies oil .Kish foreign and national of attraction for need the to Referring basic such step first a as that said he KFZ, in investment and airport jetty, port, gas, sewage, power, water, as requirements .supplied be should facilities other the visitors, to services better present To" added, Qassemi the in operation into put be will Kish in airports five of terminals on problems transportation air which of result a as months, 5.1 coming .solved partially be will island the up drawn been has airport new Kish of project comprehensive The .underway get soon will and under is jetty Kish of phase first the that stressed He 10,000 to up ships for facilities port facilitate to construction .tons ships for anchoring facilitate will phase second the that added He .tons 40,000 to up and power, water, supply to taken been have measures that noted He .system sewage adequate an with island the equip to the to connected been yet not has island Kish that said He with agreements on based However," added, He .network power nationwide linked be will it months 13-14 next the within Energy, of Ministry the 50 of amount An .cable undersea via network power nationwide the to ".project power island Kish on invested been far so has rials billion Island Kish on fuel as used be will gas natural that said Qassemi .powerhouses is island the of capacity supply water daily the that added He to amounts rate consumption daily its while meters, cubic 8,500 invested has company Italian an water of shortage the meet To .10,000 capacity supply daily a ensure to equipment desalination providing by .meters cubic 5,000 of at supply water desalinated daily the boost will project said The .meters cubic 13,500 to island Kish sewage, on spent been has rials billion 18 far so that added He the pollution, environmental preventing besides which of result a as while lands, arable irrigate to used be also may water waste treated .treated be not could water waste the of percent 95 earlier in held be will festivals regional two future in that noted He be will countries Gulf Persian the from officials and Island, Kish .it attend to invited financial zones free grant should government that underlined He the upgrading while markets, export attend to that said and aids, and competitive be should prices the goods, produced the of quality .continuous be should export may KFZ the facilities, proper providing by that noted Qassemi .transit and re-export for Dubai replace Iran in zones free trade-industrial of quantity low the Comparing 180 to amounts number relevant the where China, and .S.U in those with face Iran in zones free the that said he respectively, 123 and national as considered being by solved be only may which problems, .projects KFZ to dedicated credits the of amount total the that said He 270 which of out rials, billion 340 to amounts year current the in last of amount total the while credits, development is rials billion .rials billion 280 was credit year's MP/AH End