Oct 6, 2001, 12:01 AM
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drugs of kg 3,267 seize gangs, 15 bust Police Anti-Narcotics police the of Director Managing -- IRNA 6, Oct Tehran, 15 that Saturday here said Abouei Mehdi General Brigadier Headquarter narcotics of kg 3,267 over and busted been have gangs trafficking drug three last the in operations up mopping country-wide of part as seized .days been also have locations drug-infested 1,165 that said also He .cleared and campaign anti-drug an on embarked have police the said Abouei .capitals provincial the in exhibitions anti-narcotics 30 up set have he reducing in successful been has campaign the that stated He ended) year Iranian last the in country the in flowing drugs of volume rehabilitation drug checked-in have people ''more adding ,(20 March ''.addiction up give to centers the causing prices drugs affected has campaign anti-drug The the that adding said Abouei rise, to opium and heroin for prices .impure percent 85 to up is distributed heroin of quality 50 by up been have deaths drug-related year this said he But, as cause the citing year, last period same the to compared percent .drugs of unavailability or impurity either and bandits of percent 80 past, the in said commander police The has figure the whereas province Khorassan thorough passed traffickers .percent 60-70 to fallen now also has year current the of half first the in trafficking ''Drug he year,'' last period same the to compared percent 60 by fallen .noted 70 and percent 30 by fallen also has distribution drug said He .respectively cities, large other and Tehran in percent Council Security National Supreme the of meeting a that said He effective very be can Khatami Mohammad President of participation and .council the of directives the implementing in been have Iran to countries European and .N.U from assistance The narcotics combating in Iran by made investments the to compared meager .trafficking world, the in drugs of percent 70 supplies Afghanistan said He drug confront to needed is cooperation ''International adding, ''.networks smuggling to routes other to switched have traffickers while that said He .favored still is route Iran the drugs, haul anti-drug 423 over out carried has police year this far, So been have traffickers 199 which in regions eastern the in operations 95 and died also have officers police 41 .arrested 282 and killed .remarked commander the period, same the in imprisoned been have narcotics of tons 4.52 year, the of half first the In and Khorassan in been have tons 152.21 which of seized .provinces Sistan-Baluchestan in conducted be will addicts of census country-wide a that said He .future near the eastern 900-kilometer its in Iran for problem major a is Security .Afghanistan with border for hostage region the in civilians hold usually bandits Armed .sellers drug as use for or ransom the in villages 1,100 of residents the armed have Police the repel them help to move a in province Khorassan northeastern .attacks international the of crossroads the on lies Republic Islamic The .transfers drug intercepting in role important an plays and trade drug international lukewarm and funding insufficient to due However, the on be to continues trafficking drug international cooperation, .rise NB/AH End