Oct 6, 2001, 12:01 AM
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March-Sept in bn 973.1 dlrs reach revenues export Non-oil in commodities non-oil of export from Earnings -- IRNA 6, Oct Tehran, at stood (21 March started) year Iranian current the of half first the Iran of Republic Islamic the to according billion, 973.1 dlrs almost .Administration Customs tons, 7,976,000 weighing goods, the of export period, the In weight and value of terms in increase percent 3.4 and 32 showed year the period same the for figures the to compared respectively .before the exports, market border and carry-on-luggage incorporating By .billion 58.2 dlrs almost at stand period the in revenue export 229 dlrs worth carpets hand-woven included goods exported The 130 dlrs worth wares iron million, 156 dlrs worth pistachio million, worth products copper million, 75 dlrs worth goods industrial million, light million, 59 dlrs worth products petrochemical million, 60 dlrs were million, 43 dlrs worth textiles and million 64 dlrs worth naphtha .period the in exported items the among in earned was million 30 dlrs said Administration Customs Iran's 56 dlrs and exports carry-on-luggage through months six first the .transactions market border through million 8,879 dlrs worth goods, of tons 1,494,000 report, the on Based showed period the in imports of amount The .imported were million, value and weight of terms in increases percent 5.26 and 8.34 year the period same the within figures the to compared respectively .before ironware, instruments, and machinery mechanical and Industrial materials, plastic basic substances, chemical wheat, tools, industrial in items imported important most the among were pharmaceuticals and .year the of half first the Tehran Western and Abbas Bandar Port, Khomeini Imam period, the In Bandar while goods exported for points customs important most the were active points the where Shahriar and Port Khomeini Imam customs, Abbas .goods of import in BG/AH End