Oct 6, 2001, 12:01 AM
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MPs new of credentials debate to Majlis credentials the debate week this will Majlis -- IRNA 6, Oct Tehran, the to elected been recently have who Gachsaran and Minab from MPs of .by-elections in Parliament Iranian Dolatabadi Mohammad-Reza Committee Investigation Majlis' of Head MP of credentials the rejected had Committee the Saturday here said Mohammad-Ali Gachsaran from MP also and Mirkhalili Ali Minab from .Nabizadeh had (GC) Council Guardians oversight Iran's said Dolatabadi previous two of ballots the discrepancies, of grounds on nullified, of number highest the garnered had who Gachsaran and Minab from MPs .elections Majlis of round fist the in votes in part taking from MPs the disqualified accordingly had GC The" had there if that maintains Committee the However, .by-elections the been have not should MPs the discrepancies, election any been .said he "by-elections, in standing from disqualified Mirkhalili of election the over doubts raised has added, he This, .Nabizadeh and this session open an in deputies Majlis said Neishabour from MP then will and MPs aforementioned the of defense the hear will week .credentials their on decide AA/AH End