Oct 6, 2001, 12:01 AM
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120m dlrs reach exchanges trade Iran-Armenia of Volume of Chamber Iran-Armenia joint the of Head -- IRNA 6, Oct Tehran, of volume that Saturday on here said Aharounian Leon Commerce million 120 dlrs reached exchanges trade bilateral Iran-Armenia .year current the of half first the during a up set to are Armenia and Greece Iran, that reporters told He Yerevan of city capital Armenian the in exhibition trade trilateral .4 26-November October on three the by held be to kind its of first the exhibition, The Dialogue of Year the of occasion the on up set be to is countries, of acceptance of anniversary 1700th the and Civilizations among .said he Armenia, in Christianity kinds different produce to order in investments joint Iran-Armenia the in countries two the of presence in role key a play goods of .said official Armenian the markets, Asian Central exchanges trade Tehran-Yerevan of expansion the on Commenting make will Armenia and Iran that said he years, few past the during Jolfa in bulbs light and cigarettes of production for investments .Zone Economic Special joint Iran-Armenia of chairman deputy Zahiri, Shahrokh Meanwhile, far so has Iran of Republic Islamic the that said commerce, of chamber been have all which Yerevan in exhibitions exclusive four opened .tradesmen and people Armenian the by welcomed electric and materials, construction of imports welcomes Armenia and quality appropriate the that adding said, he Iran, from products purchase for reasons major are products Iranian the of price suitable .businessmen Armenian the by products Iranian the of good a be will exhibition Iran-Greece-Armenia of up Setting Iranian the of potentials and capabilities proving for opportunity .added he exporters, the of services and goods commercial and technical Industrial, exhibition, 10-day the at display on put be will countries three .said Zahiri medical foodstuff, of kinds various materials, Construction leather clothing, parts, vehicle utensils, household instruments, put be to products many the among be will powders washing and products he countries, three the by exhibition the at sold and display on .noted FS/HM End