Oct 6, 2001, 12:01 AM
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India in project LNG scrap FinaElf Total, French's (LNG) gas natural liquefied billion 24 rls A -- IRNA 6, Oct Mumbai, with Mumbai, of belt suburban Chembur-Trombay the in project terminal .scrapped been has gas, of tons million three storing for capacity a was (Indigas) Ltd Company Gas Natural India venture, joint The Gas major sector public Indian Company, Power Tata by promoted jointly .Elf Totalfina major energy French and (GAIL) Ltd India of Authority of end the by completion for scheduled was which project, The and Mumbai over pollution of level the curtail to supposed was 2004, from fuel fast-depleting the to alternative natural a as perceived was .fields offshore High's Bombay of Board Regulatory Energy Atomic the by cleared was project The from approval awaiting was and Center Research Atomic Bhabha the .Environment the and Forests of Ministry Central India's said Fraissinette, de Christian Indigas, of Director Managing The we deliberation, much after meeting, board the At" :Wednesday on prevailing the of view in project the with proceed to not decided .conditions market the in project the of revival the out rule not do we However, ".future projected poor the given that said official Power Tata senior A exit to Indigas for time right the was it India, in LNG for demand .project the scrapping the between connection any denied however, official, The energy .S.U of takeover possible Power's Tata and project the of western the in project power Dabhol controversial Enron's major a has already project Dabhol The .Maharashtra of state Indian .terminal LNG five-million-ton functional from right opposition stiff faced also had project Indigas The the of umbrella the under lobby environmentalist an from inception potential a it dubbed had which ,(TGVS) Samiti Virodhi Gas Trombay most the be to known is belt Chembur-Trombay the) bomb' `Hiroshima .(Mumbai of area polluted industrially .K.H president TGVS project, the of scrapping the to Reacting ".averted been has catastrophe possible A" said, Clubwalla IND/LS End