Oct 6, 2001, 12:01 AM
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months six in goods of worth 144m Dlrs exports Khorasan Khorasan of offices Customs -- IRNA 6, Oct Prov, Khorasan Mashhad, over abroad countries various to exported (Iran north) province first the during million, 144 dlrs at valued goods, of tons 284,000 issued report a ,(21 March started) year Iranian current the of half department customs provincial the of office relations public the by .Saturday on here said terms in percent 6 and percent 5.28 of increases shows figure The the of figures the to compared respectively, value, and weight of ,(2000 20, March started) year previous the of period corresponding .added it biscuits, clothes, shoes, saffron, included exports the said It were products the noting products, plastic as well as moquette .Kyrghiziztan and Tajikistan Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, to exported of tons 286,000 over period, same the during that noted further It country the into imported were billion, 170 rls worth goods, various .offices customs province's the through 26-percent and percent 70 of increases indicates figure The" preceding the to compared respectively, value, and weight of terms in .added it "figures, year's aluminum lamps, fluorescent mainly were imports the said It .machinery mechanical and industrial as well as ironware ingots, six-month same the during province, the of offices Customs rls worth goods of tons 218,000 some transit for cleared period, .said further report the billion, 530 as well as materials raw cotton mainly were transited goods The" .noted it "fuels, of kinds various RM/LS End