Oct 6, 2001, 12:01 AM
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minister prime new Bangladesh's as Monday in sworn be to Khaleda (BNP) Party Nationalist Bangladesh The -- IRNA 6, Oct Delhi, New new country's the as in sworn be to is Zia Begum Khaleda chairperson government, coalition four-party a heading Monday, on minister prime .Dhaka in said officials Commission Election Bangladesh's correspondent, IRNA to According demand League's Awami defeated and rival main the rejected Friday on .elections parliamentary fresh for last in victory landslide a to combine the steered who Zia, Begum consultations her continued majority, two-third by elections Monday's of allocation and formation government on leaders party senior with .said sources BNP portfolio, on Minister Prime 14th country's the as in sworn be will She .said officials ,(time standard Indian .m.p 30.6) .m.p 00.7 at Monday oath the administer will Ahmed Shahbuddin President, Bangladesh day one Palace, Presidential the at members cabinet her and Zia to Mohammad Zafar Abu spokesperson Palace in, sworn is parliament after .said Iqbal Minister Prime congratulating begun already have diplomats Foreign .government new the with cooperate to offering and Zia defense, home, like portfolio key no sources, BNP to According affairs, religious commerce, information, finance, affairs, foreign .allies to go to likely is works public and housing understood is alliance, the of component major a Jamaat-e-Islami, education mass and affairs religious the getting favored have to .government the in representatives its for ministries to has Zia Begum colleagues, ministerial her choosing Besides term the as presidency country's the for run to candidate a find expires Ahmed, Shahbuddin justice, chief former and incumbent the of .month this of end the at the for running in interest signified have who Candidates Chowdhury, Baddrudoza .M.G.A leader BNP senior include presidency .Kamal Mostafa justice chief former and physician, well-known a in reporters told Sayed Abu Mohd (CEC) Commissioner Election Chief Monday's last scrapping of question the that evening Thursday on Dhaka raised been not has elections parliamentary 1991 in than credible more was time this election the think I" .added CEC the "1996, and IND/LS End