Oct 6, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA Tehran major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 6, Oct Tehran, :Saturday on dailies NEWS IRAN -- "terrorism discuss to Tehran in due PM Lebanese" Tehran in arrive to is Hariri Rafiq Minister Prime Lebanese the with coping on officials Iranian with talks hold to tomorrow United the in attacks terrorist 11 September the of consequences .reported IRNA States, INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "leadership spiritual of lack" for US blames cleric top Iran's" lack" said Friday on Jannati Ahmad Ayatollah cleric Iranian Senior States United the for problems caused has "leadership spiritual of .month last attacks deadly the following TIMES TEHRAN -- "place top A Group retain to 1-0 Thailand wins Iran" Group Cup World Asian second-leg the at 1-0 side Thai the won Iran over of front in Playing .hopes its boost to Friday on qualifier A Azadi Tehran's of pitch the on fans football 75,000 .minute 32nd the in winner the scored Iran Stadium, IRAN -- "Mashhad in land Afghans for flights aid UNICEF UNHCR," Afghan for UNHCR the of aid relief carrying plane second The the Friday, on city northeastern this in landed refugees Refugees for Commissioner High Nations United the of representative .IRNA told Odashima Toshiro Mashhad in YAZD AFTAB-E -- "alive hopes Cup World keep to Iraq beat Arabia Saudi" a Arabia Saudi give to twice scored al-Shaihan Abdullah Striker of hopes Saudi alive keep and Friday on Iraq rivals arch over win 2-1 .finals Cup World year's next for qualifying ENTEKHAB -- "embassy - Saturday Tehran in mission economic Swiss" official an pay will Couchepin Pascal Minister Economic Swiss high-ranking a of head the at 6-7 October from Tehran to visit embassy Swiss the Economy, Swiss the of representatives of delegation .Friday said ABRAR -- "home for heads visit, Moscow up winds minister defense Iran" his up wrapped Shamkhani Ali Rear-Admiral Minister Defense Iranian cooperation military signed he where Moscow to visit state five-day .Friday Tehran for left and sides Russian with deals ROUZ SIASAT-E -- "violent turns laborers of Gathering" 10,000 some and forces police the between out broke Clashes lawbill parliamentary a against protest to gathered had who laborers .Isfahan of city central the in MELLAT -- "soon Tehran in due FM Italian" his intimated has Roggiero Renato Minister Foreign Italian the in Tehran to visit state a pay to readiness and interest .time possible shortest AK/HM End