Oct 6, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Indonesia' undermining are fanaticism and violence says President future Megawati President Indonesian -- IRNA 6, Oct Lumpur, Kuala "fanaticism ideological" growing the against warned Sukarnoputri on close follow which comments integration, Indonesia's threatening war holy a for calling groups Muslim radical in rein to promise her .States United the against Defence Indonesian the of parade anniversary 56th the at Speaking part the on tendency increasing an noted she Friday, on (TNI) Force the at others on beliefs their force to people of groups certain" of ".law the of expense by disintegration with threatened is nation a as unity Our" by quoted as said, she "fanaticism, ideological this and violence .agency news Antara official the instead problems, these handling in exhausted been has energy Our" ".issues pressing other tackling of radical against firmly act to vowed government the Thursday, On It .Afghanistan on strikes -led.S.U against act to threatening groups those arrest and groups these by demonstrations curb to promised also populous most world's the Indonesia, in foreigners intimidated who .nation Muslim problem this to do not will or will we What" :said president The ".nation our of future the determine will the one, with defiant, remained have groups these of some But on ban government's the dismissing ,(GPI) Movement Youth Islamic .Afghanistan in fight to volunteers sending .fight to registered already had people 700 nearly that said It quit to military the on called also she ceremony, Friday's At ".defence national on concentrate" and politics the tackle to professionally up shape should military The .added she issues, defence sophisticated increasingly military's the 1998, in Suharto president of fall the Since reduced, gradually and formally been has role political powerful the in element influential an remains it practice in although .politics country's political and security of multitude the addressed also Megawati .country the facing problems political, with along conflicts community and Religious time same the at emerged have crises constitutional and ideological .said she simultaneously, done be must them tackling and law the in which scene, political turbulent country's the criticized She ".others deceive to group one of capability the around revolves still" .said she distrust, of climate a nurtured only This or groups between conflicts and clashes places, many In" existing The .matters trivial really by triggered are communities .said she "effect, short-term a only had efforts maintain to hesitant often were troops armed that acknowledged She rights-- human violating of fear for conflict of areas in order .past the in doing of accused been have they something bn/LS End