Oct 6, 2001, 12:01 AM
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newspapers Pakistani Saturday's in Headlines major in appeared headlines follwoing The -- IRNA 6, Oct Islamabad, :6 October on dailies Pakistani Dawn bill passes Senate US as likely aid Military * Japan with signed pact repayment debt $550m * Pakistan to envoy send to Shah Zahir * FO :yet plan operational No * govt' Afghan multi-ethnic wants `US * News The scenario post-Taliban on agree UK Pakistan, * aid refugee support, budgetary extends Japan * Zaeef :war to US pushing Blair * Uzbekistan to way on troops elite US * Hekmatyar :crisis resolve to way peaceful No * reply prepare to Peshawar in lawyer workers' Aid * Qureshi Gen says secure, are facilities nuclear Pak * violence fresh in killed Palestinians 5 * Nation The support economic and political extends Britain * Chamberlin :go must government Taliban * guilt Osama of US from proof no has it says Iran * aid military US urgent seeks Alliance Northern * Observer Pakistan coop economic political, for closer get UK Pak, * airspace Pak in sorties F-18s US * Shaukat :principles on based terrorism on stand Pak * Pakistan in trial Osama's for plan rejects Musharraf * Afghanistan in large looming crisis Food * Post Frontier The Musharraf :support logistics airspace, extend to Pakistan * govt broad-based reject Taliban * Pakistan to envoy send to Shah Zahir * trial Islamic for ready Taliban * ammunition warplanes, shifting start Taliban * MA/MMZ/LS End