Oct 5, 2001, 12:01 AM
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agreements assistance economics emergency sign Japan Pakistan, three signed Friday on Japan and Pakistan -- IRNA 5, Oct Islamabad, assistance economic emergency of set a extend to agreements bilateral of government the by made decision the of pursuance in Pakistan to .September 21st on Japan Sadaaki Japan of Ambassador the by signed were agreements The Nawid Pakistan to affairs economics of Secretary Pakistan and Numata Emergency Japan's for notes of Exchange for Ceremony a in Ahsan .Pakistan to Assistance Japanese the agreements, the signing after journalists to Talking million 5.25 of support currency foreign a was it said ambassador urgently were that goods of import for payment secure to dollars in structure economics its adjust to order in Pakistan by needed .program Bank World and IMF with accordance local the for utilized be would assistance the that revealed He order in tanks water collapsible and tankers water, tents, of purchase these for supply water essential to access gain to shelter provide to .refugees 7.64 of debt of rescheduling for notes of Exchange of sets Three loans, JBIC included that (million $550 approximately) yen billion 1st from period the during due Credits Commercial and Aid food to up contracted loans the for 2001 September 30th to 2000 December .continued he 1997, September 30th a over payable be will debt ODA consolidated the that stated He 01, November from starting grace years 10 including years 20 of period a over payable be will debt non-ODA consolidated the while 2011 01, November from starting grace years 3 including years 18 of period .2004 the that witnessing in pleasure took embassy his that said He was Japan of Government the by September 21st on announced package economic mounting the mitigate to swiftly implemented being .with faced was Pakistan that difficulties Japan of cabinet the that disclosed Numata Sadaaki ambassador The Defense Self the of (H C-130) aircraft 6 dispatch to yesterday decided Afghan for Islamabad to items relief the airlift to Japan of Forces .UNHCR by Pakistan in activities relief Refugees relief with October 9 on Pakistan arrive to will aircraft The and tanks water mats, sleeping blankets, tents, including items the with accordance in implemented be would which sheets plastic .maintained he Law, Cooperation Peace International that notion the out ruled Aziz Shaukat Minister Finance Pakistan they that adding situation, current the to related were agreements the 23rd on signed Club Paris of Minute Agreed the of pursuance in were .2001 January budgetary the in Pakistan help would agreements the that hoped He .country the of burden financial the decrease rapidly and side depended be would regard this in taken being were actions the All .said he interests, national and principle on TK/MMZ/AK End