Oct 5, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Spokesman :Front United the to defect fighters Taliban and fighters Taliban 800 than More -- IRNA 5, Oct Islamabad, Province Badghis in Front United the to defected have commanders .said has spokesman Front United a week, past this during of capital provincial the to close areas vast result, a As alliance anti-Taliban the of control the under came have Qala-e-Naw .said Eshaq Mohammad spokesman Khan, Isamil Commander by led 30, September on District Qadis recapture to tried Taliban The" ".casualties heavy suffering after retreated but their for way the pave Badghis in victories Mujhaideen's The" .said he "Heart, of city western key the on operations the joined fighters Taliban 200 than more event, related a In .Province Laghman eastern of District Shah Dawlat in forces Front in high is tension that reported Paym-e-Mujahid alliance-run The send to Kabul in youth arresting are Taliban desperate the and Kabul .fronts fighting the to them Kabul around bases traditional their evacuated have Taliban The" of north front fighting the to close troops their of most brought and .said it "city, the the entered have people of number large a report the to According cities the from alliance anti-Taliban the by controlled areas .Taliban the by controlled not is there but increase, will number their starts fighting When" a of influx the with cope to areas these in medicine and food enough .said it "refugees, of number large TK/MMZ/AK End