Oct 5, 2001, 12:01 AM
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:US to support logistic and space air provide to Pakistan Musharraf Musharraf Pervez General President Pakistani -- IRNA 5, Oct Islamabad, exchanging in (US with) cooperate to agreed has Pakistan that said and air-space its of utilization intelligence, and information been not have details that out pointed however, He, .support logistic .out worked that said Blair, Tony with meeting after newsmen to talking was He of betterment and Afghanistan of future the about discussed they .view in Pakistan of interests the keeping and people Afghan relations bilateral discussed we" :said Musharraf Pervez General being problems the of understanding his for Blair Tony .Mr thanked and ".Government his and Pakistan by confronted the in assistance generous the for Blair .Mr thanked also He .assistance future of assurances and field economic much healthier, much a to forward looks certainly Pakistan said He .future in UK with relations better much and closer the initiating for Minister Prime British the complimented He two the between contacts restoring of beginning new a of process .countries concern bilateral of issues all details great in discussed We" 11th the on happened what of outcome the on lot a focussed they though .added he "September, of is which evidence is there that feels Pakistan said president The States United in acts terrorist the between association an to leading .Ladin bin Osama and on judgment in standing not is Pakistan that added however, He, the on notes exchanged they said He .evidence this of details the on concerns other's each exchanged they said He .Afghanistan of issue that in events future likely and Afghanistan in happenings the .country in act not did States United the said Blair .Mr question a To be will take they action any said He .responsibly behaved and haste act the of perpetrators against targeted precisely and proportionate .revenge a not and justice want They .people Afghan against not and and brave a taken has Pakistan said Minister, Prime British The international the of member key a as Islamabad place to decision right .terrorism against coalition Pervez President with encounter press joint a at Speaking the said Blair Tony .Mr Islamabad in talks their after Musharraf him to tribute a just not are President the of leadership and courage .Pakistan of interests the directly serve but shared President Pakistan and he said Minister Prime British The and overwhelming is which Ladin, bin Osama against evidence the .compelling Al-Qaeda to directly traced been have hijackers the of Several" ".Afghanistan in camps taken be to action any that emphasized however, Blair, Tony .Mr .Islam or people Afghan against be not will Muslims peaceful of majority vast and peace of religion is Islam" the by appalled were world the and Britain Pakistan, in living ".attacks terrorist President with discussions detailed his during that said Blair .Mr Osama up yield to fail Taliban if that agreed they Musharraf Pervez be must successors there then falls Government their and Ladin bin including grouping ethnic key every of consists must It" .broad-based ".Pashtoon the valid a has Pakistan that conceded Minister Prime British The Afghanistan in successor a such how with involvement close in interest .established be might Defense UK-Pakistan restart to agreed also have they said He IMF towards work and assistance bilateral for measures on cooperation, .Pakistan for program Union European the strongly support also will Britain addition, In on finalized be to Pakistan with Agreement Cooperation and Trade .Monday provide will countries other and his that said Minister Prime The refugee significant the with cope Pakistan help to necessary resources .problem and refugees Afghan for dollars million forty providing are They He .Pakistan in needs their assist to dollar million fifteen another as is crisis humanitarian the of solution that believe they said .action any as important will result the and choices right made has Pakistan that lauded He world's outside of strengthening lasting and significant a be not will and part full its play will Britain .Pakistan with relations .added he others, will neither away walk and President the by set democracy to road-map the welcomed He .path right a as termed two about lasting talks in-depth held leaders two the Earlier, their by joined later and meeting one-on-one had they First .hours .aides Prime British the for dinner a hosted President the Later, Federal and team his of members by attended also was which Minister .Ministers TK/MMZ/AK End