Oct 5, 2001, 12:01 AM
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US from Boeings new six buy to Pakistan said is (PIA) Airline International Pakistan - IRNA 5, Oct Islamabad, the from planes Boeing new 6 of purchase the for talks started have to .States United United the from Boeings six these got would PIA that said is It .purpose this for government the from approval getting after States few next within talks its of completion only occur will this However, .days closed have airlines international several that said have Sources and 11 September on States United the in attacks terrorist after down of state this in and Pakistan in service shut have airlines some even option very this Under .price cheaper on planes get can PIA affairs is It .government US the and ups high PIA between underway are talks years three or two are bought be would that planes six the that said .old on planes these get may PIA that possibility every exists There .lease performance enhance only not would planes these of induction The .increase record also would income its but PIA of TK/MMZ/JB End