Oct 5, 2001, 12:01 AM
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"leadership spiritual of lack" for US blames cleric top Iran's Jannati Ahmad Ayatollah cleric Iranian Senior -- IRNA 5, Oct Tehran, for problems caused has "leadership spiritual of lack" said Friday on .month last attacks deadly the following States United the spirituality of lack from suffering is States United the Today," weekly the at worshipers told Jannati "leadership, spiritual and .campus University Tehran in prayers congregational Friday 11 September the of consequences the between parallel a drew He said and Iran in era post-revolutionary the and .S.U the on attacks Islamic the of founder late the by leadership spiritual the that despite country the in tranquility established Khomeini Imam Republic .problems numerous engineered were .S.U the on attacks terrorist the said Jannati a cast which incident amazing an was It" .itself country the in ".Europe the and America the on horror of shadow and recession economic by hit been has States United the Now" from eroding is States United the that seems It .flights capital .said cleric high-ranking the "inside, a launch to preparing for States United the criticized Jannati war waging that noted and Afghanistan against strike military ".unreasonable" is Afghans "defenseless" against innocent of massacre the endorse not do nations world The" not has guilt whose person a against retaliation in alone let Afghans, Osama man wanted most world's to referring said, he "proved, been yet hijack the masterminding of accuse allies its and .S.U whom Laden bin .missing or dead feared 6,000 nearly left have which attacks military a for world the prepared allies its and States United The .Laden bin Osama and rulers Taliban Afghanistan's against strike on Laden bin Osama put to prepared are they said have Taliban evidence solid provides States United the if court Afghan an in trial .him against against action any that calls previous repeated also Jannati United the of umbrella the under out carried be should terrorism .Nations share a have should countries all terrorism, against fight In" no bear will fight (unilateral) the otherwise, encouraged, be to "world, the of parts other in surface will terrorists new and fruits .said he anti-terror international an join to willing is it said has Iran by led coalition a not but mandate, Nations United a under coalition eight up set has it announced has It .States United the arch-foe its border its in stranded now refugees Afghan 200,000 some house to camps .attack .S.U a of anticipation in country their fled have who of crisis humanitarian a that announced has Nations United The Pakistan and Iran with borders Afghanistan's at proportions alarming .week a for only good are supplies food that and started already has AK/JB End