Oct 5, 2001, 12:01 AM
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move the on Afghans million 2 around says spokesman UNHCR Friday on hassan Yousaf spokesman UNHCR The -- IRNA 5, Oct Islamabad, of wake the in move the on were Afghans million 2 currently said .drought persistent long and war of dangers looming without were persons displaced these that here IRNA told He his added he However, .winter impending against cover protective maximum the to cover extend to footing war on working was agency .number and Pakistan in identified been had sites sprawling 28 far, So" .noted he "situation, emergency any face to camps up set to Iran country advanced most a even agency no and enormous is task The" of number huge a such for arrangements make to able be not would ".go one in people four of establishment on work that explained official UNHCR The and Agency Bajour Agency, Khyber Agency, Kuram in each one - camps thousand 40 of capacity accommodation total with - Waziristan North .way under hectically was blankets and quilts tents, of stockpiling mentioned he Similarly, .season coming the for refugees the for so aid, emergency for appeal million hundred 3 dollar Against dollar worth material and way their made had million 260 dollar far, and Japan Britian, by donated was refugees the for million 2.2 .said he China, had agencies and countries various that stated also UNHCR The .weeks coming the in million 10 dollar pledged BH/AK End