Oct 5, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Mashhad in land Afghans for flights aid UNICEF UNHCR, the of aid relief carrying plane second The -- IRNA 5, Oct Mashhad, Friday, on city northeastern this in landed refugees Afghan for UNHCR Refugees for Commission High Nations United the of representative the .IRNA told Odashima Toshiro Mashhad in carrying was and Britain from off taken had flight the said He facilities, settlement other and tents 878 including aid, humanitarian possible of fear for homes their fled have who refugees Afghan the for .S.U the on attacks 11 September the following attacks revenge to five for shelter provide to designed tents, family-sized The aid of (million $37) pounds million 25 the of part are people, eight .government British the by month last refugees the for pledged tons 30 carrying flight air Qeshm Iranian an day, the in Earlier in arrived Denmark, from UNICEF of products health and medicine of the in Herat of city the to trucks Afghan by ferried be to Mashhad, .country war-torn 5.2 for intended is dollars, 150,000 at valued package, The blankets, 4,000 of consists and months three over refugees million health other and tablets treatment water 3,000 gallons, water 7,000 .products the is flight the that announced Tehran in office UNICEF The .days coming the in Mashhad in arrive will which five among first the for aid humanitarian carrying also aircraft, Russian A carrying was It .Tuesday last Tajikistan reached refugees, Afghan to taken be to sugar of tons five and tents blankets, 2,300 .provinces northern Afghanistan's last (UNICEF) Fund Children's Nations United the Likewise, food, clothing, of tons 200 carrying convoy 25-truck a sent Saturday northeastern opposition-controlled to blankets and medicine .Afghanistan swell could refugees Afghan of number the said have officials UN the from up attack, probable any preceding days the in million 5.7 to as well as Iran and Pakistan in settled already have who million 7.3 .countries other has (UNHCR) Refugees for Commission High Nations United The could "magnitude alarming" of crisis humanitarian a fears expressed hand to refusal Taliban's ruling the of result a as unfolding be now ,.S.U the in attacks 11 September the in suspect prime the over .Laden bin Osama dissident Saudi-born the help to world the asked has Annan Kofi Secretary-General .N.U Its .war of threat the and starvation facing now Afghans of millions almost for Thursday on appeal an launched (WFP) Program Food World of millions feed help to wheat, mainly aid, food of tons 500,000 .starvation facing Afghans BH/AK End