Oct 5, 2001, 12:01 AM
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press UK from Headlines in appeared headlines following The -- IRNA 5, Oct London, :Friday on press UK the Independent The * dead 76 leaves Israel from flight Russian on explosion Mystery - murders Russell of again convicted is Shone - attacks terror to Laden bin links evidence accepts Pakistan - Guardian The * US says down, shot Airliner - dossier Laden Bin reveals Blair - aid Afghan $320m promises Bush - 78 kills blast Mid-air - public made charges Terror - campaign US attacks Israel - 1950s since cheapest are loans Home - Times The * war of brink on fray Nerves - Laden bin against case shut' and `open out lays Blair - crashes airliner Russian as dies 76 - Talebs of blood and Kabul for thirsty are Mujahidin - killer the spotted Josie How '.him `That's - Times Financial * fears terror new raises explosion jet Russian - decisions attacks' US in role `admitted lieutenant Laden Bin - Telegraph Daily The * sky of out blasted Airliner - Israel from flight on 78 killing for blamed blunder Missile - terrorism out rue to refuses Russia But - guilty is Laden bin that `proof' the presents Blair - rate loan cuts Bank as rise Shares - KS/KS End