Oct 5, 2001, 12:01 AM
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in punishments of execution defends general prosecutor Former public Morteza Ayatollah general prosecutor former Iran's -- IRNA 5, Oct Qom, public, in punishments Islamic of execution the defended has Moqtadai .society the in crimes of rise the deter help they saying (punishments definite) hodood of execution the behind motive The" theme same the on conference a told he "revenge, not and deterrence is .Thursday on city religious central this in flogging public particularly sentences, court of execution Public political Iran's among reactions mixed triggered has people, young of .officials country's the and groups punishments, Islamic the to halt any out ruled Moqtadai Ayatollah the tarnish could penalties such believe who those by promoted as .scene international the in image Republic's Islamic of tradition a rulings, (Islamic) the of execution public The" be cannot Household, infallible his of that and (Mohammad) Prophet a or system the of image the denting of pretext the under halted .said he "expedience, of question according and rulings divine the of practice the stop can Nobody" public their oppose who those Islam, early from narratives to Moqtadai Ayatollah "God, against up standing as seen are execution .added establish" to is penalties such behind motive the said He ".others for examples them make and offenders punish justice, purpose, deterrent their for as especially objectives, These" the "publicly, executed are they unless achieved be not will .said cleric high-ranking not were punishments all that said however, Moqtadai, Ayatollah nature their on depending public, the in implemented be to required .people the on impression and an committed has who youth a publicly punish to needed not is It" and bandits However, .prison the in done be can this while offense, through feeling public hurt and rights people's trespass who those .said he "public, the in punished be should crime, their carried be to penalties all requiring document, no exists There implementation covert a adding said, Moqtadai Ayatollah publicly, out the with comply not does hand, other the on punishments, all of .Islam of philosophy punitive saying, effect, this in leniency the of part to referred also He least the exists there if principle, jurisprudential a to According" be to has punishment the culprit, a of offense the about doubt ".abrogated media Western the of some at swipe a took also Moqtadai Ayatollah Islamic criticizing for governments their as well as sections .punishments solitary into put are opponents world, advanced the in Today," anybody's without tortured and dungeons terrible and imprisonment This .release their after mum keep to forced are they Then .knowledge .said he "Islam, in practiced not is which revenge the is Guardians oversight the of member a and theologian a Meanwhile, the consider to" conference the told Elham Gholam-Hossein Council attitude Western a is inhuman as punishments Islamic the of execution while is This .dignity human the against as them considers which ".West the in often very publicly practiced is violence last Shahroudi Hashemi Mahmoud Ayatollah Chief Judiciary Iran's offenders punish to authority the conferred have to said was month .police on only publicly of representatives the of meeting a following came decision The of executions public the of effects the study to branches three the .punishments Islamic the of Commission Policy Foreign and Security National the of Members foreign information, interior, of ministers the with met Majlis discuss to police of chief country's the as well as justice affairs, .sentences court of execution public of incidents the that saying as cited was Qalibaf Mohammad-Baqer Chief Police offenders of flogging public the to agreed had Shahroudi, Ayatollah ".cases special" in only an are punishments the insisted have officials Judiciary of means a as justified are and doctrine Islamic of part inseparable .teachings Islamic of breaches and criminality rising deterring and harsh" that said however has Khatami Mohammad President .people young among corruption fight us help won't measures repressive ".solution a find to cooperate to need all We of number rising the stated has Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign Islamic the of image international the harming risks flogging public .system to press foreign the of reactions certain criticized also has He Iran's in interference" as them denouncing verdicts, religious the ".affairs internal BH/AK End