Oct 5, 2001, 12:01 AM
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US on attacks discuss to Sunday Tehran in due PM Lebanese (background details, ADDS) to is Hariri Rafiq Minister Prime Lebanese -- IRNA 5, Oct Beirut, coping on officials Iranian with talks hold to Sunday Tehran in arrive the on attacks terrorist 11 September the of consequences the with .Friday said sources close States, United on officials Iranian with views trade to also is Hariri said They especially developments, international and regional latest the feared 6,000 nearly left have which .S.U the on attacks the following .missing or dead the Over .tour whistle-stop his of part is Tehran to visit His and Riyadh Brussels, Paris, visited has Hariri weeks, two past .Damascus Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign Iranian of that follows visit The the urged Iran and Lebanon when month last late Beirut to national and terrorism between distinguish to community international .States United the on attacks after occupation to resistance foreign Islamic of meeting emergency an for called has Iran possible a over stand united a forge to month this Qatar in ministers .attacks .S.U the after Afghanistan on strike .S.U for Afghanistan in cities fled have people of thousands of Tens US imminent of fears amid countries neighboring of borders the sheltering for country their against strikes retaliatory military on attacks 11 September the in "suspect prime" the Laden, bin Osama .States United the Afghanistan with border eastern the off seal to started has Iran to devices electronic with province Khorassan northeastern the in .strike .S.U possible a of case in refugees Afghan of flow the block has refugees, Afghan million two than more has already which Iran, .refugees more out keep to border the sealed new any wants but agencies, refugee help to agreed has Tehran .Afghanistan inside border the near up set be to camps 10th mobile its from troops 1,000 deployed has Army .S.U The American of buildup major a join to Asia Central to Division Mountain .said officials defense Afghanistan, around forces chief Refugees for Commissioner High Nations United Sunday, Last provide to Iran on called Grandi Filippo Afghanistan in mission of Iran into flood may who refugees Afghan 400,000 than more for support .States United the by attacks military possible of case in AK/AK End