Oct 5, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Friday on newspapers Pakistani in Headlines major in appeared headlines Following -- IRNA 5, Oct Islamabad, .5 October on dailies Pakistani Dawn ....... Pakistan :Osama indict to enough Evidence * sanctions democracy suspend to move US * FO says farce, total hijacking plane Indian * Sea Black into crashes aircraft Russian as die 78 * letter Musharraf's gets Zahir * shooting barghah Imam Karachi in die Six * News The ........... FO :Osama indict to enough Evidence * lifted be to Pakistan on sanctions US All * begun has Pamir in Osama get to Assault * today Musharraf meets Blair * US back fight to vows cabinet Taliban * Karachi in refugees Afghan on Crackdown * Nation The ............. Osama indict to sufficient evidence US * sharing intelligence Kashmir, discuss to Blair * Pakistan on sanctions democracy lifts US * 'concocted' evidence terms Council Defence Pak-Afghan * Afghanistan on .Rep Special UN reappointed Brahimi Lakhdar * Observer Pakistan .................... aides with talks crucial holds Musharraf * Iraq attack to not asked US * today Pakistan arrives Blair Tony * talks for offer Pak welcomes Shah Zahir * step first only Laden bin after going says Powell * Post Frontier The ................... FO says Osama, implicate to evidence Enough * today issues nuclear Kashmir, discuss to Musharraf Blair, * Afghanistan in govt broad-based for US * Alliance Northern support to unite Iran India, Russia, * US backing against Pakistan warns Hekmatyar * BH/AK End