Oct 5, 2001, 12:01 AM
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River Kashkan in aquatics kills slick Oil a killed has slick oil An -- IRNA 5, Oct ,.Prov Lorestan Khorramabad, Iran, southwestern in River Kashkan in creatures aquatic of number .Thursday governor local a said off kilometers four pipelines Khuzestan-Tehran worn-out to Due" days two River Kashkan into flowing started oil Poldokhtar, southern Mahmoudi, Vali "area, the of ditches the in stockpiled and ago .IRNA told Dokhtar, Pol-e of governor occurred fire huge a immediately, replaced were pipes the Although the by extinguished was that reason certain no with Wednesday on .governor the added police, and firefighters .river the on floating now is oil that said Mahmoudi the of farmers uninformed of number a dispatches, to According damages huge causing dark, the in fields their irrigated have region .lands farming their on KK/AK End