Oct 4, 2001, 12:01 AM
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year of half first in exported goods of tons 1,945,000 customs provincial A -- IRNA 4, Oct ,.Prov Hormuzgan Abbas, Bandar non-oil of tons 1,945,000 that Thursday here said official of half first the in exported were billion, 700 rls worth commodities, Customs Rajaie Martyr provincial from (21 March started) year the .Office this in Affairs Customs supervising of charge in official The Rajaie Martyr of General Director and province Iranian southern amount the said Selgi Mohammad-Rashid Abbas Bandar in Office Customs 44 and weight of terms in decrease percent 23 showed exports of the to compared period the in value of terms in increase percent .before year the period same the within amount substances, chemical textiles, produce, agricultural said Selgi exported items major among been had products marine and minerals Oman and India Germany, China, UAE, the to mainly customs the from .period the within 6,470,000, rls worth goods, of tons 6,600,000 than more said He .period the in customs the via imported were percent 41 and 26 showed imports of amount the that added He .respectively weight and value of terms in increase industrial oil, edible oats, meat, wheats, said official The were products industries chemical and plastics tools, machinery Germany, China, UAE, the Taiwan, from imported items the among .period the in Italy and Indian, BG/AK End