Oct 4, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Afghanistan to generosity donor for Appeals WFP th of Director Executive the Bertini, Catherine -- IRNA 4, .Oct Rome, to community international the to appealed today Programme, Food orld well as Afghanistan in crisis humanitarian the to generously, respond with worsen could situation the warning countries, surrounding the as .winter of onset the .said Bertini "determination, and speed with move must We" important an made have we week This .stake at are lives of Millions" have We .deliveries food overland some of resumption the with start appeal I .disaster humanitarian a avoid to are we if this on build to as generous and supportive as be to community international the to ".possible feed to enough day a MTs 500 about average now deliveries food WFP deliveries these increase to trying is WFP .people million one about per MTs 52,000 as much as deliver to able be to like would ideally nd people million six the feed to necessary amount the is This .month are that people million 5.1 the well as neediest, as identified of event the in Afghanistan outside refuge seek to expected .hostilities 5.7 of total a feed to resources for call will emergency WFP new A $27 separate a addition, In .million $230 of cost a at people million to aims This .approved been just has Operation Special million telecommunications, network, support logistical region-wide a provide a support, cargo air personnel, humanitarian for service air passenger .personnel equipment security as well as trucks 190 of fleet "refugees, of outflow significant a seen not have we Fortunately" crisis food vast a face we country the inside However," .said Bertini .war civil ongoing and drought festering of years three of result a as estimate we Faryab and Balk of provinces northern the in example, For as well as stocks food own their of out run will people 400,000 ".perilous is situation Their .week this supplies relief international MG/KS End