Oct 4, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Al-Qods' outside Palestinians attack police Apartheid Sharif al Haram Thursday on police apartheid Israeli -- IRNA 4, .Oct Al-Khalil, enter to seeking worshipers Muslim peaceful attacked violently .said sources Palestinian ,(Jerusalem) Al-Qods of Sharif al Haram the "police border" armed heavily that out pointed sources The throughout rules apartheid enforce to deployed usually soldiers, young truncheons and butts gun with attacked state, Zionist the .Mosque Aqsa the to way their on Palestinians to taken and injured reported were youngsters five least At .bleeding and bruises from suffering hospital, to try to Haram the for headed reportedly Palestinians The the as known cult, Jewish messianic terrorist a of followers stop the in places holy Islamic desecrating from Faithful, Mount Temple .area the which organization, Kach the with associated group, The that admits openly group, terrorist a declared had States United Al-Qods in places holy Christian and Islamic demolish to aims it .sites their on synagogues Jewish build and of expulsion and/or annihilation the for calls also group The the for way the pave to order in Palestine in non-Jews all in state Jewish ultra-fundamentalist an of establishment .Laws Talmudic or Halacha, with accordance police the condemned Hussein Muhammed Sheikh official Wakf Muslim .worshipers Muslim against brutality the and US the which terrorism of form a certainly is This" .Hussein said "fight, to ought world recognize never would and recognize didn't Muslims that added He .al-Qods in presence Israeli were troops Nazi the like just occupiers, military are They" ".WWII during France in opposition then Sharon, Ariel Minister Prime Zionist year, Last off sparking Sharif, al Haram the to visit provocative a paid leader, KA/NK/KS .uprising or intifada Palestinian ongoing the End