Oct 4, 2001, 12:01 AM
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official WFP :winter in Afghans for ahead times Hard on (WFP) Program Food World for spokesman A -- IRNA 4, Oct Islamabad, more if emerge could situation serious very a that warned Thursday Afghanistan reach not do food needed of tons metric 140,000 than .in sets winter before in people to leading routes winter, of months three the During" the told Luna Francesco "inaccessable, become areas affected the .here interview an in Agency News Republic Islamic tense the of wake the in that out pointed spokesman WFP The Afghans additional million two as many as country, the in situation of parts certain in situation the that and food, of need in now were .encouraging very not were Afghanistan northern and central .said he helped, require people Afghan million 5.7 Presently, Turkmenistan from Afghanistan to way their on were convoys Food likewise was it that adding said, further official the Tajikistan, and .Kabul to Quetta or Peshawar via food ship to safe convoys that explained Luna Francesco query, another to Replying Turkmenistan from food of tons 5,000 and tons metric 4,000 carrying .areas northern the for bound were respectively, Tajikistan, and he "time, in food of shipment ensure to best our doing are We" .maintained not was which daily food of tons 500 providing been had WFP The" ".people these help to more do to wanted we and sufficient of shipment a by followed wheat, of tons 200 with loaded Trucks he days, recent in Afghanistan reached have commodity the of tons 1000 .noted million four around Afghanistan, in out breaks war case In as up broken Iran, neighboring into cross to expected are refugees from 2,40,000 Kandahar, from 100,000 Bamiyan, from 30,000 :follows .explained official the Sharif, Mazar-i from 20,000 and province Herat shipment a received already has WFP that here mentioned be may It so no could who those for biscuits energy high of tons metric 265 of a for enough are biscuits five or Four .camps proper at settled be far .said he day, MA/MMZ/LS/AH End