Oct 4, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA Tehran major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 4, Oct Tehran, :Thursday on dailies NEWS IRAN -- "Leader Republic, Islamic of symbol GC" said Khamenei Ali Seyed Ayatollah Revolution Islamic the of Leader Islamic the of symbol the is (GC) Council Guardian the that yesterday .Iran of Republic INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "terrorism of definition clear for calls President" Nations' United received Wednesday here Khatami Mohammad President world recent the on message Annan's Kofi Secretary-General .S.U the on attacks terror 11 September the following developments, DAILY --IRAN "society civil for necessary parties Political" guilds parties, political said Khatami Mohammad Seyyed President are institutions civil other as well as committees specialized and .society democratic a of indications --IRAN "terrorism discuss Pope Khatami," Paul John Pople with conversation telephone a in Khatami President and Islam between cooperation broader of necessity the stressed .circumstances global current the under Christianity EQTESADI --ABRAR-E "evidence provide false; embezzlement billion 5000 Rls" said Nourbakhsh Mohsen (CBI) Iran of Bank Central the of Governor the in embezzlement recent the for figure real the that Wednesday here first the in (2,625,000 .dlrs) billion 21 .rls is system banking that added He .(20 March ended) year Iranian previous the of quarter .far so recovered been have billion 11 rls :--RESALAT "lives people's Afghan threatens Hunger :.N.U" 400,000 that yesterday announced (WFP) Program Food World The .huger to due death to threatened are people Afghan --ABRAR "guarantee not do but promised have I :Oshima" here said Oshima Kenzo coordinator relief emergency top UN's The sealed its open to government Iranian the on called has he Wednesday on strikes military .S.U a of case in refugees Afghan to borders a received has he if saying of short stopped but, neighbor, Iran's .response positive :--HAMSHAHRI before state of heads regional with consultations last S'.U" "Afghanistan attacking tour a began Wednesday on Rumsfeld Donald Secretary Defense .S.U office, to coming since first his Asia, Central and East Middle the of active for press to expected was he whom leaders Saudi top meeting by terror alleged against intelligence' `actionable including support, .Laden bin Osama mastermind :EDALAT -SEDA-Y-E "region of security guarantee will Iran Strengthening" Andrei Affairs Defense for Commission Duma Russia's of Head which powers regional two are Russia and Iran Monday on said Nikolayev .region the in security and peace the guaranteeing in role key a play with connection in position common enjoy states two the said He Iranian by Moscow to visit the adding Caucasia, and Asia Central the performed be would it and importance paramount of was minister defense .atmosphere friendly fully a in ROUZ --SIASAT-E "mongering war '.S.U against launched Demonstrations" .S.U the to next street on down laid demonstrators Philippine .S.U the at protst in trafficking, car disrupting Manila, to embassy .policy mongering war :JAM --JAM-E out rules but .S.U with talks direct for ready is it says Taliban" "option mediator any Pakistan to ambassador their diplomat, foreign only Taliban's The the on negotiate to States United the urged Zaeef, Salam Abdul Mullah suicide month's last masterminding of suspected Laden, bin of handover .Pentagon the and Center Trade World York's New on attacks plane an in CNN told he "war, the than negotiations the prefer We" solving of way the are negotiations The" .Wednesday on interview ".problems our :--QODS "Afghanistan in situation on Iran with consultation N's.U" an in said Oshima Kenzo coordinator relief emergency top N.U The coordinate to Iran in is he that Qods with interview exclusive Afghan possible helping on N.U the and Iran between cooperation .S.U the by Afghanistan against war of eruption of case in refugees :NOW --HAYAT-E "Minister Prime and President Romanian with meeting Karroubi's" Iliescu Ion President Romanian and Karroubi Mehdi Speaker Majlis of expansion for need the stressed Wednesday on Bucharest in .sphere economic the in especially ties, Tehran-Bucharest :TIMES --TEHRAN "Italy sanction EP suggests Member" (EP) Parliament European the in Party Communist the of leader The for Verlusconi Silvio Minister Prime Italian blasted Werner Francis civilization Western said he which in week, last made he statement the .Islam to superior was :--ENTEKHAB "target on Taliban of camps 23" for ground prepare to efforts of ditch last started has .S.U The on evidence with Pakistan provided and Taliban on attack military .territory its on attacks terrorist in Laden bin of involvement :ESLAMI --JOMHOURI Muslim to damage most the inflicted has Terrorism :Kharrazi" "states Prime Japanese told Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign Iran's terrorism that Wednesday here Komura Masahiko Envoy Special Minister's tackled be should it that and phenomenon complex very a is .deeply and fundamentally East Middle the in states Islamic of sufferings the to referred He current the under that said and years 50 past the in terrorism from fight to incentives highest the have nations Islamic circumstances, .terrorism BG/AH End