Oct 4, 2001, 12:01 AM
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newspapers Pakistani Thursday's in Headlines 4 Oct from taken were headlines Following -- IRNA 4, Oct Islamabad, .newspapers Pakistani News The ** impressive Osama about evidence S.U says Pakistan - Omar Mulla :Pakistan from orders take not do Taliban - Turkey with accord export arms signs Pakistan - hoax bomb after closed airport Quetta - Afghanistan in forces special denies Russia - report :Osama hunt to commandos Pak 60 trained CIA - role Pak future against alliance Anti-Taliban - Nation The ** entities Pakistani 72 on ban lifts .S.U - solution only govt Afghan broad-based says Musharraf - NGOs in working citizens African Arabian, deport to Pak - Saturday on Pakistan to envoy special sends Turkey - Shah Zahir back bring to trying envoy .N.U says Hekmatyar - report :battle final for up gears Osama - Dawn ** option Shah's Zahir wants Islamabad - Pakistan :examined being Osama against Proof - Friday on Pakistan visit to likely Blair - report :bases Pakistan use not may .S.U - report :narrowing Afghanistan on attack for Window - Post Frontier The ** bases air three use .S.U lets Uzbekistan - commandos deploy Taliban - Afghans Pakistanis, to visa stops UAE - report :Afghanistan in base establish commandos .S.U - India :option an Pakistan in camps militant on Strikes - Afghanistan in targets 23 identifies Pentagon - Observer Pakistan ** plan operational with Pak in due mission .S.U - export Pakistan declines crisis Afghan - attack biological fears .S.U - Afghanistan in outbreak malaria fears WHO - TK/MMZ/AH End