Oct 4, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Bangladesh in government form to claim stakes Khaleda mandate, electoral massive with Armed -- IRNA 4, Oct Delhi, New met night last Zia Khaleda chief Party Nationalist Bangladesh new a form to claim staked and Ahmed Shahbuddin Bangladesh President .Sunday on government steered who 56, Zia, Begum correspondent, IRNA the to According 300-member the in majority two-thirds to combine four-party BNP-led to President the requested ,(Parliament National) Sangsad Jatiya earliest, the at results election of notification formal the ensure Wednesday on reporters told Bhuiyan Mannan Abdul General Secretary BNP .leaders two the between meeting 50-minute the after Dhaka in wanted Jamaat-e-Islami, including allies, its and BNP said Bhuiyan repolling before day a 7, October by in sworn be to government new the .constituencies 16 across spread centers 42 in held is have allies its and BNP out, constituencies 283 of results With .seats 61 bagged Hasina Sheikh of League Awami and seats 202 secured caretaker the of head Rahman, Latifur met also Zia Begum take would she whom from elections, the oversee to assigned government .over debacle worst its suffered which League, Awami Hasina-led Sheikh fresh demanded Wednesday on polls, parliamentary Monday's in .elections as elections certified have observers election European However, from group Observer Election of Leader Sakurai, Shin fair, and free government new a said Bangladesh, of source aid-giving major a Japan, .place in put swiftly be should IND/AH End